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Thank you for considering a coaching position with Warriors FC.  You have been sent and/or invited to submit this application because your involvement has been deemed important and critical in the guidance of young ladies aged 5-18.  Your role matches our overall mission of developing and helping these young girls discover life lessons through softball, while competing and growing skills to help them be successful.  By submitting this application you realize that you are putting the priority on these young ladies and not yourself.  You will be sacrificing time, patience, and likely your own money.  You realize that you will receive perks by being a Warriors FC Coach, the most important being the connection and love a mentor and student (Coach/Player) has.  At this moment we cannot compensate you monetarily, but you will receive priority access to fields, facilities, and connections that we have access to.  We will support you in your endeavor and will be here to provide guidance, advice, and friendship.  You have an environment and room to grow here.  Thank you for choosing us and our young ladies!

Grow with us!
Do you have experience coaching?
Coaching position(s) interested in: (Check all that apply)
Would you consent to a minor Background Check? By selecting yes, you are authorizing Warriors FC to run a soft background check, only if you are in consideration as a prospective coach.
Have you ever been convicted of a crinimal felony or misdemeanor?
Which team/age group will be your home, if selected? (Note: This doesn't mean that you are prohibited from helping other teams/coaches within Warriors FC. It just means this is the team/coach you will be listed under and take priority of.)

Thanks for submitting!

No further action needed at this time, a board member will be reaching out to you after a full review of your application.

Go Warriors!

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